Yasmine Hajji is a French-Moroccan visual artist, born in Paris.

She lives and works between Casablanca and Marrakech.

She grew up in Morocco before joining her hometown where she studied the history of cinema at the University of Paris VIII.

During this period, she has created videos for cultural events with collective multidisciplinary artists.

Returning to Morocco, she has built a video work that fits into the urban space with the  most representative musicians of the Moroccan alternative scene, such as Haoussa or M.hassek.

Influenced by cinema and the new wave, from Godard to Chris Marker and Guy Debord, she has created artistic installations, photographic projects and experimental videos where she questions the relationships of contemplation between individuals as a basis for social relations.

She has received the special mention of the jury of La chambre Claire in 2015, and participated in several biennales such as Brandts 13 museum in Denmark or the Bamako Biennale in 2020.